Virtual Animal Encounters

Enjoy extraordinary animal experiences from afar! While streaming live from the New England Aquarium, our aquarists and trainers will share fascinating facts about our animals and answer any questions you have.

Platform: Zoom (Client to provide the zoom information within 24-hours of purchase.)

Virtual Dwarf Seahorse Encounter

Take a peek behind-the-scenes at our offsite Animal Care Center, typically not open to the public, to meet our dwarf seahorses. Learn more about the specialized care they receive, the Aquarium’s sustainable breeding program, and what you can do to help protect one of the smallest seahorses in the world.

Virtual Seadragon Encounter

Join the aquarists at our private, offsite Animal Care Center for a feeding session with our weedy seadragons. Learn about this unique species, including what they eat, how we sustainably culture their food onsite, and how we work to help conserve their wild populations.

Virtual Penguin Encounter

Learn what it takes to care for a colony of over 70 penguins! Our penguin experts will share some remarkable facts about penguins and the excellent care they receive, and how you can take action to protect these incredible animals.

Virtual Sea Lion or Fur Seal Encounter

Join our marine mammal trainers in the New Balance Foundation Marine Mammal Center for a training session with a California sea lion or northern fur seal. Learn about how we train, why we train, and what you can do to protect the ocean environment for these amazing animals.

Virtual Giant Ocean Tank Encounter

Explore what it takes to care for the Aquarium’s largest exhibit! Go behind-the-scenes with an aquarist to meet the Caribbean species who live in this 200,000-gallon habitat, and the diving and other equipment we use to maintain it. We’ll also share what you can do to conserve delicate reef ecosystems around the world!

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