Animal Encounter Programs

Behind the Scenes Tour

Add a Behind-the-Scenes Tour to your Aquarium visit! Purchase timed tickets to see the Aquarium’s animals plus a personalized tour to see those exhibits from the other side.


Marine Mammal Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Feeding and playing with the seals at the Aquarium is hard work, but someone’s got to do it and now you can see HOW they do it!

Meet & Greet the Harbor Seals

Meet our charming harbor seals and see the exhibit from their persepctve!

Meet Myrtle

Come meet Myrtle the green sea turtle, our most famous resident! This encounter gives you a deep understanding of her home—the sparkling, four-story Giant Ocean Tank. Start with a personalized tour, spiraling up the exhibit’s ramp alongside staff members who know Myrtle and her tank-mates best.

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