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9:00 AM - Monday, July 13, 2015 (1 Tickets Still Available)

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Junior Camp - Harbor Island Hoppers

The Boston Harbor Islands are home to a dynamic array of habitats hosting a tremendous variety of life, and there are many wonders to be found! Join us as we explore much of what makes our backyard so exciting. Campers will learn about the island’s history and habitats as they tidepool, camp for a night and investigate how important the islands are to our local community.

Junior Camp - Shoreline Safari

Look there – a crab hiding in the rocks! What’s over there? A cormorant drying off after a deep dive on the hunt for fish. Wow! There is so much to discover about the animals of the beach and how they have adapted to survive in this incredible habitat. Join the New England Aquarium as we explore the dynamic and exciting world where the ocean meets the land on this Shoreline Safari!

Junior Camp - Something's Fishy

There are fish in those waters, and we’re off to find them! Campers will experience how people use and study the world of fish, and why it is so important. Lessons on how to cast lines, comb nets and hatch fish will teach participants how fishermen and scientists use these tools, and how their efforts keep fish on the menu and in the sea.

Senior Camp - AquaJobs

Do you know a marine biologist? A fish veterinarian? A whale watch captain? How about a professional scuba diver? Well, it is time that you did! For this week, we will join an assortment of people whose livelihood relies on the ocean as we learn about their world and investigate the marine life they encounter every day!

Senior Camp - River Meets the Sea

Even minor actions on land can have major consequences for our oceans and rivers. Campers will explore the many watery habitats of eastern Massachusetts to discover where water comes from, whether all water is the same and how some marine animals have surprising connections to both land and sea.

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